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Arrangements for First Day



Dear Parent/Carer,                


We hope that you have all managed to have a restful summer. We are looking forward to welcoming all of children back and to meeting our new Year 3 children. Please find below the arrangements for the start of term


As I am sure you are fully aware, as of 19 July, the national restrictions in place with regard to Covid -19 were stepped down. Over the summer, this situation has remained stable and therefore we have been advised that we no longer need to maintain class bubbles when we open this week for the Autumn Term.


 As a school, it will no longer be our responsibility to notify people of their contact with Coronavirus, this will then be the role of NHS Test and Trace. However, we know that Coronavirus still does present challenges and there is a possibility that bubbles and all previous social distancing controls may need to be re-introduced should local cases rise. We will be guided by the Local Authority on this matter.


The plan we have put together has been largely based on recommendations from the DfE and Local Authority and will be reviewed at the beginning of October. I am keen to add that it does reflect the unique nature of our school and its accessibility. This is in terms of the growing number of children we have on roll and immediate environment from a pick up and drop up point of view. Some of the changes that we made last year have been positive and we will continue with these as outlined below.


  • Beginning of the day:


With the exception of Year 3 for the first week only (Thursday 2 September and Friday 3 September), the school site will continue to be closed to all parents at the beginning of the day. We will continue to operate a flexible registration period between 8.40am and 8.55am. It is important to point out that children must be in class by 8.55am so should ideally arrive at the school gates no later than 8.50. Children can arrive at any time within this window, through either the Donalds Way or Aigburth Road gate. We would encourage parents to adopt a ‘drop and go’ approach to ensure this part of the day runs smoothly. Once dropped off, children will be met at the gates by a staff member.


  • End of the School Day:


The end of the school day will be modified slightly to the system we have had this year.


Access to the site will continue to be from Aigburth Road only. The gates at Donalds Way will continue to be ‘no entry’. This is due to the increased number of children and parents/carers leaving the site at the end of the school day. From a health and safety point of view, having two-way movement through this narrow passage at this time of day presents a risk and is therefore not permitted. Anyone attempting to enter through this gate at the end of the day, whether it is busy or not, will be asked to walk to Aigburth Rd by a member of staff. We would request that you do not put staff in this position and ensure that anyone who collects your child/ren is made aware of these arrangements by you.


From Aigburth Rd, Year 3 parents will enter via the pedestrian path and parents of children in Y4,5 and 6 will continue to walk onto the site via the driveway. However, parents can choose to leave the school site via Aigburth Road or Donalds Way. This is a change from the system that was in place during the last academic year.


As we are no longer required to stagger our finish times, the Aigburth Road entrance will open for all parents/carers at 3.30pm. Upon entering the site, parents/carers will be directed towards their year group space where your child/children will be waiting for you. If you have more than one child in school and one or more are in year 3, please pick up the year 3 child first.


The system is designed so that there is no hold up on the yard and families are able to keep moving as they collect their children. We would encourage parents/carers to ‘collect and go’


At all times we would encourage parents and carers to maintain good social distancing. Face coverings are now optional on the main yard at the end of the day, however, please be aware that social distancing cannot always be guaranteed at this time.


Will I be able to access the school office?


The school office will continue to be closed to parents/carers. Any communication should initially be by email.  This includes information/questions for your child’s/children’s class teacher/s.



What should my child bring to school?


As all stationary will be provided by school, children should only bring a reading book, their water bottle and packed lunch if required. We will be offering hot meal option again from September. Menus are available to view on our school website.  We would encourage the use of a small school bag, preferably our school book bags. This is due to the limited capacity of our school lockers. Children are welcome to bring in their own hand sanitiser if you would prefer.



Take care and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow,



Yours faithfully    

Scott Connell