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Big egg update from 6K

Your child may have already informed you of obscure events that have taken place at our school, in the Outdoor Learning Zone (OLZ) over Spring Break. Indeed, they may have reported seeing something abnormal - an unusually large egg. We are writing to assure you that the area is still a safe environment for your child to learn.


Over the course of Spring Break, it is important that a large egg has materialised in the OLZ. This egg is approximately 70cm tall and 50cm wide. It is ivory in colour and has a rippled, grooved surface, which looks rough to touch. The egg itself is resting in a well-constructed nest, made out of small twigs, branches and woodland debris. There was no sound emanating from the egg and it was completely still. However, over the past 24 hours, it has slightly tilted to one side. Surrounding the nest appears to be a waxy substance. At this moment it is unknown whether this is connected to the arrival of the egg. A selection of feathers, fur and unusually sparkly stones were also found at the site, but again, it is unclear whether these objects are linked to the egg. Several footprints have been photographed leading both to and from the peculiar object, and items that were normally in the location have clearly been disturbed.


The appearance of the egg was brought to the attention of The Ministry of Strange Objects, when they were contacted on Friday evening, by locals. They observed flashing lights and heard high pitched buzzing noises. Several residents believed that the disturbance was caused by a thunderstorm, but on closer investigation this was not the case. Eye witness claim that an eeire atmosphere enveloped the field, and when the lights and sounds has ceased, the egg, and its nest, were clearly visible.


As a result, a representative from The Ministry of Strange Objects visited our school on Monday, and along with our local community police officer, we have been assured that our school site is safe. Furthermore, samples of blood and flesh removed from the scene have been taken and tested by scientists, who have been inspecting the site. As a result of the examination, we can conclude that the matter is human or animal in origin; however, further tests are needed. We will keep you informed with any developments.