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Remote Learning Update - 15 January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


As we come to the end of a successful second week of blended learning, I wanted to take the time to get in touch and thank you for your ongoing support. The quality of the work being submitted by the children is of such a high standard and we know this is a result of the wonderful dedication and hard work of all of our school community.


As always, our system will continue to grow and evolve. Below, I have outlined some upcoming events and improvements to our remote learning.


Stay Active

Next week, we are launching our ‘Sudley Activity Planner’. This gives children activities to complete each day to keep them active. We know the bad weather presents a challenge in this regard, however if we can be prepared for this, we know the benefits are huge. Additionally, four out of the five days of activities can be done indoors. Children are encouraged to share what they are doing with their teachers via Google Classrooms - any photographs and videos would be great! A copy of the Planner will be sent out with this letter today for your reference. Maybe you could all get involved as a family?


Welcome to the Week Assembly

I am also planning on holding weekly year group assemblies on a Monday. This will replicate our usual ‘Welcome to the Week’ assembly that we would have in school.  Our first assembly will take place on Monday 18 January.  Please refer to the table below for the Year Group times.


Year Group:


  Year 3


  Year 4


  Year 5


  Year 6



Additional information on how to join the Welcome to the Week classroom can be found in the guide attached.


In the coming weeks, we are planning a topic week which will help to maintain the children’s interest and engagement in Home Learning.  Further details to follow.


Stay safe and well,





Scott Connell