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Remote Learning

Dear Parent/Carer,


Remote Learning Arrangements


Firstly, may I begin by thanking you for your patience and understanding today. It was lovely to see so many of the children in their class assemblies this afternoon.


Today, we have registered a significant number of Key Workers and Vulnerable children. It is our aim to cater for these children face to face, whilst providing a robust remote learning experience for all of our children at home. This has presented us with some logistical challenges in terms of staffing.


Please find below the arrangements for remote learning for this week.


Each day, the children will be expected to attend three lessons


  • 9:30 am – 10:00 am: Session 1
  • 11:00 am – 11.30 am: Session 2
  • 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Session 3


Each lesson will involve a teacher-led input for 30-40 minutes and an explanation of a task they are required to complete for that session. This task should take around 20-30 minutes.


The children will then complete this task independently, and upload it if they can. This is not a requirement this week and will be something we work towards as time goes on. Each task will require only paper and a pencil and items we would expect you to already have at home.


As always, the system will evolve and improve as it is put into practice. This means that we may need to makes changes ahead of next week. As always, I will continue to keep you updated. The plan we have developed is ambitious but we feel with the right support from families, it is one that will work and benefit everyone regardless of whether the children are at home or in school.


We have become increasingly familiar with Google Classrooms as we have moved through the school year and wanted to take this opportunity to share a couple of points that we have learnt makes the system run at its best.





  1. If you are logging onto Google Classroom using an Apple device, please use Chrome as your browser and not Safari.


  1. The link to access each lesson on the Google Classroom home page will be disabled until the allocated start time of the lesson. Please do not try to enter the lesson until 9.30, 11am or 1.30pm. In the unlikely event that a child is able to enter the classroom and the teacher is not there, please leave and try again a few minutes later. Once the lesson has finished, the teacher will make sure all children have left the lesson. Once the ‘room’ is empty, the teacher will leave the lesson too.

For the next lesson, the children should not ‘rejoin’ the previous lesson but click on the link in the google classroom home page again.


  1. In previous experiences, we know that some children were supervised during the sessions and some were not. Either is fine; however, if your child is working alone, please ask that they follow all of the teacher’s instructions, especially with regard to microphones being turned off and on.


  1. The expectation in terms of behaviour during remote lessons is the same as it would be in school. Any staff concerns in relation to this will be dealt with in the same way as if they were in the building.


  1. Google Classrooms is intended for children’s use only. If parents wish to ask the teacher a question, please email the school office as you would do usually. Equally, children should not send private messages to their teacher. If they have any questions they should ask the teacher during the lesson or the next lesson.


  1. Access to the lessons can only be gained by using the email address that your child has been given to join Google Classrooms. Any parent/personal email addresses will result in your child being refused entry to the lesson.



I would like to finish by thanking you for the many words of support and encouragement we have received as we try to manage yet another difficult, time sensitive situation. I will be in touch again later in the week with any necessary updates.



Kind Regards




Scott Connell