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School Update: Wider Opening of School

School Update: Wider Opening of School


We hope that everyone is well and we are very much looking forward to our children returning to school next week. In order to ensure that the wider reopening of school goes as smoothly as possible, please take the time to read this letter carefully.


On Monday, we will be implementing all the same systems and processes as were in place in the Autumn term. As we are still in a national lockdown, adherence to these protocols has never been more important.


From Monday 8 March, school attendance will again be mandatory and we expect that all children attend in their Autumn uniform as they would do usually. Absences should be reported in the usual way and punctuality will be monitored. PE kits are required from 8th March and should be left in school.

As all stationery will be provided by school, children should only bring a reading book and their water bottle. As in the Autumn term, all children will be required to bring a packed lunch.


Beginning of the school day


The school site will remain closed to all parents at the beginning of the day. We will continue to operate a flexible registration period between 8.40am and 8.55am.


Year 4, 5 and 6

Children can arrive at any time within this window, through either the Donalds Way or Aigburth Road entrance if they are in Years 4, 5 or 6. We would encourage parents to adopt a ‘drop and go’ approach to ensure this part of the day runs smoothly, and not to congregate at either school entrance.


Year 3 parents/carers and children will continue to access the school site from the Aigburth Road entrance only.


End of the School Day:


The end of the school day will also remain unchanged from the Autumn term and Access to the playground will be from Aigburth Road only. The entrance at Donalds Way will be ‘no entry’. We will operate a one-way system on the playground and you will exit through Donalds Way gates. Parents/carers will be required to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing during this time; staff and markers/cones will facilitate this. Please be prepared for this process to take longer than usual. If your child is in Year 5 or Year 6 and has your permission to leave the site alone, they will be allowed to do so at 3.15pm. However, please be aware that parents and carers are responsible for their children’s behaviour once they have left the site. If this raises concerns, parents/carers will be required to collect them from the playground.


Year 3 parents/carers who have no other siblings to pick up at Sudley Junior School will enter and exit through our Aigburth Road gate only.


The timings for collecting your child/ren at the end of the day remain as they were in the Autumn term.


Year 3 and Year 4: 3.10pm - 3.20pm


Year 5 and Year 6: 3.20pm - 3.30pm



If you are collecting from multiple year groups, please collect at 3.20pm. If one of your children is in Y3, collect these children first. If you also have children at Sudley Infant School, please collect these children before heading to Sudley Junior School.


The system is designed so that there is no hold up on the playground and parents/carers are able to keep moving as they collect their children. This will help us to avoid any queuing of parents/carers at the school gates. In order to reduce risk, we ask that only one parent/carer drops off or picks up.  We also ask that you keep as close as you can to the pick up times and do not arrive early.


Please ensure that your child/ren know who is picking them up each day so they know who to look out for at home time. As children will be standing outside waiting to be collected, they must have suitable clothing; waterproof jacket/coats in case of bad weather.


Please can I also stress that due to the large numbers accessing our Aigburth Road entrance that it is important you do not park on Aigburth Road and the school entrance is kept completely clear at all times. Additionally, please be aware of the social distancing requirements if you collect from outside the gates at Donalds Way.


What will the curriculum look like?


As we have successfully maintained our school curriculum throughout this lockdown, we will begin by making assessments of the children and then building on this. We intend to continue to provide an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects. There will be no after school clubs or teams.

Children will continue to be organised into class bubbles and any positive cases of C-19 will be dealt with in the same way as in the Autumn term.


If your child is required to isolate, please let us know in the usual way so that we can inform you of the remote learning procedures that will be put in place.

Similarly, if your child or anyone in your household displays symptoms of C-19, please follow national guidance.



Will I be able to access the school office?


The school office will remain closed to parents/carers. Anybody wishing to enter the school site during the day can only do so with a pre-arranged appointment. Face to face meetings between parents and staff will not be permitted and communication must be by email.


Up to date contact details:


It is very important that we have up to date contact details should we need to contact you during the school day. The school will only contact parents/carers in an emergency. The school will not ring grandparents, neighbours etc. We must emphasise the importance of being able to get in touch with you quickly if necessary and therefore you must be contactable at all times throughout the school day.


Hand sanitiser:


All children are required to bring in their own pocket size hand sanitiser for their work space. They will use this at key points in the school day.


Behaviour Policy:


In the Autumn term the school behaviour policy was updated to reflect the importance of adhering to measures put in place to ensure school remains a safe environment for everyone. This includes regular hand washing, not sharing equipment and socially distancing from adults who they work with. The children will be reminded of this on the first day.


Face Coverings:


At all times, adults approaching or entering the school site must wear face coverings. There is no requirement for children to wear face covering in school.






Parents/Carers Evening


As previously communicated, this will take place on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 March. More information will be given regarding this next week.



Reading Books:


All reading books should be returned to school on Monday 8 March. Reading books will be re distributed from Thursday 11 March.



We understand that this period of lockdown has been particularly challenging for many. However, we must not become complacent. In order to keep individual bubbles and school open, we all have our part to play. We are a community at Sudley Junior School and we all need to work together to keep everybody safe and to enable our children to access their education as consistently as possible.