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Sudley Hub

Dear Key Workers,


Government guidance:


"Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be."


This is to prevent the spread of the virus and protect children and staff. Childcare in 'hub' settings should ONLY be used as a last resort if no other option is available.


Sudley Hub


Who is the Sudley Hub for?

Sudley Hub is for Key Workers with no safe childcare alternative.  Key workers who have children at other schools will also be able to use the Sudley Hub childcare provision.


How will I access to Sudley Hub on Monday?

Access will be from Aigburth Road entrance ONLY. Please expect to queue while we register all of the children. Please follow government advice on social distancing while doing so.  When you enter the school site please report to the main entrance. 


What times are you open from and to?

At the moment, the information we have is that on Monday 23rd March, the Sudley Hub will be open from 9-4pm.


Will I need to register?

Yes, all Children must be accompanied by their key worker parent/carer.

On Monday morning, please be prepared to complete paperwork as part of the registration process.


Can the children bring a snack and do they need a packed lunch?

Children can bring a morning snack. They will have an opportunity to have a morning fruit or vegetable snack and this must be provided by the parent/carer.  Sudley Hub will not provide a morning healthy snack.


On Monday, Sudley Hub will provide a meal for all children. Alternatively if you would prefer to provide your child/ren with a packed lunch then please do so.


What Else Will My Child/ren Need?

  • Children will be expected to wear their school uniform
  • They will need indoor pumps and outdoor trainers in a separate bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Home Learning books – Collins English/Maths
  • If your child takes medication and it’s not presently in school then please ensure you bring it on Monday.



Who will be looking after my child/children?

This provision is staffed by a range of different teaching personnel from across the city. We expect staffing personnel to change on a regular basis.




If your child/ren have previously been self-isolating then they must complete the isolation period of 14 days before they will be eligible for the Hub childcare provision. This to ensure the safety of all involved in the hub and to protect the longevity of this service.


Again, please remember that Sudley Hub is for Key Workers with no safe childcare alternative.



We are very grateful for the continued support as we manage these difficult times. Please make sure you continue to stay up to date with developments in this ever-changing situation.