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UPDATE - Remote Learning

7 January 2021




Dear Parent/Carer,


Remote Learning Update


I would like to start by thanking all of our families for your continued support. Yesterday, we launched our hybrid learning environment and despite some expected hiccups, it was a huge success. This approach not only allows for us to maintain our school curriculum but also ensures equality of experience for all of our children, whether they are at home or in school. Every member of our school community is to be congratulated on this.



School/Home Timetable


Please find below the timetable that children in school are following.



Quiet Reading/TT Rockstars


Lesson 1




Lesson 2




Quiet Reading/TT Rockstars


Lesson 3


Physical Activity


I am sharing this with you in order to ensure that children at home are receiving adequate breaks from their learning each day. This is particularly true between lesson 1 and 2. Try to avoid letting the two lessons merge together and try to make sure children get the 10.30-11am break.


This may mean that not all of the work from the first session is completed. Please do not worry about this. In school, when a lesson ends, whatever the children have done in that time is what is handed in.


Handing in work:


Once children have completed their work, they can upload photographs of it via the ‘Hand in’ function. More information on how to do this can be found at


The teacher will look at all the work that is handed in. Once they have done this, they will ‘return’ it. Sometimes teachers will leave a comment but most times, they will not. If it is returned, know it has been looked at and that assessments have been noted for individual pupil progress purposes. General feedback will be given to the whole class during subsequent lessons. We are aiming to have most children handing in their work from next week.


Availability of Resources


All worksheets for lessons are uploaded to Google Classroom for the children to access. There is no requirement to print any of these. Children can record answers on plain paper and hand this in. If you require paper and pencil resources, please contact school.


From Monday, all lesson material will be available from 9.00am for the day. This is so that parents, if they choose to, can print all of the work off prior to the beginning of the day’s lessons. However, please ensure that children do not attempt to do any work before the teacher input. This is crucially important. Children may want ‘get ahead of the game’ but the teacher input is vital to their success.


Finally, so that that the virtual classroom environment does not get unnecessarily crowded, we ask that all children are only logged on once. If children are seen to be logged on twice, school may need to contact you.


Take care and stay safe,


Scott Connell,