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World Book Day

This year, World Book Day is being held on Thursday 2 March 2017. In order to celebrate this, we have a number of activities planned. In class, children will be focussing on David Walliams as an author study. Each year group will have their own text which we will be focusing on throughout the day. The texts are as follows:


Year 3: Mr Stink

Year 4: Gangsta Granny

Year 5: Ratburger

Year 6: Grandpa's Great Escape


If your child is familiar with their year group text, it would be beneficial. However, if not we will be summarising the main plot and focussing on sections in class.


Book Swap - in conjuction with SJPTA

On Tuesday 28 February, we would like to invite children to bring one book that they would like to swap for another for a donation of £1.


This book should be in good condition and should have on the front of a post-it note. This post-it note should detail why this book is recommended and why someone should choose to take it home. In return for this, children will be given a Sudley Book Swap token.


On Thursday 2 March, children will be given their token and be invited to the Sudley Book Swap event in the hall. Here they can take a book away with them in exchange for their token.


Bring in an Object:

On Thursday 2 March, children are also invited to bring in an object that represents their favourite book. Please note, this object should be appropriate for school. If you are unsure, please speak to your child's class teacher. In class the children will be given the chance to speak about their object and why is is significant to them and their book. For example, if my favourite book was the BFG, I might bring in a Jar.


Parent Reading/Story Telling sessions:

As Parents'/Carers', we would also like to invite you to get involved on the day itself. Do you have a favourite story you would like to read to the children in school? do you have a traditional story you would like to tell me, maybe one that has been passed down through generations?