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Year 6 Online Application Letter

Please find below a copy of the Year 6 admission letter that was distributed to Year 6 parents/carers for you to apply online for their Secondary School places from 12th September.


You may note that this letter is no longer personalised as in previous years, this is due to improvements in software which have meant the application software no longer requires unique codes to match children’s records when parents make their applications.


Please note that this applies to Liverpool resident pupils only so parents/carers have as much time as possible to submit their applications before the deadline of 31st October.


If there are any parent/carers with children who are not Liverpool Local Authority residents, please get in touch with your relevant home local authority in order to make an online application to them. The School Admissions Code co-ordination requires applicants to apply to their home local authority so outside local authority residents, even if they wish to apply for Liverpool secondary schools, must apply to their relevant home local authority, i.e Sefton/Knowsley/Halton.


The admission information leaflet can be found below