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Star of the Week

Star of the Week

Our Celebration Assembly takes place every Friday. It is organised and presented by Year 6 pupils.  The aim of the Celebration Assembly is to celebrate the achievements of the pupils at Sudley Junior School. 


We celebrate their achievements by awarding, for example a pupil from each class with, ‘Star of the Week.’ Our new reward point system has proved very popular with each team named after a Liverpool Dock. At the end of each term the winning team have a reward.


Each class teacher picks a pupil from their class as their Star of the Week.


Daisie Tom Mae

Stars of the Week - 13-03-20

3B - Sienna

3F - Dylan

3J - Jessica

4B - Spencer

4O - Grace

4Y - Esha

5B - Nellie

5H - Keah 

5Y - Luke

6B - Kyrah

6K - Kyas 

6R - Frankie